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Speech Matters and non binary is dedicated to supporting the transgender community in achieving vocal confidence and authenticity.
Speech Matters is excited to initiate voice and communication therapy for transgender and non-binary clients. She understands and supports the need to develop a voice that affirms each person’s gender identity and unique personality. Jackie has been a lifelong supporter and advocate of nonbinary and gender diverse people.
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There are many components to transforming a voice into one that is authentic to you. Most people are focused on attaining a pitch that is more aligned with a feminine or masculine voice. This is important and achievable! Beyond this, many other aspects of communication also impact the perception of the speaker’s gender. These include volume, resonance, breathiness, the rhythm or intonational pattern, and even the words and types of sentence structures used. Nonverbal communication styles such as facial expressions, hand and body movements and gestures are also critical components of gender perception. Even written communication, such as texting and IM, can have more feminine or masculine characteristics.

Inclusive and Affirming Environment:

All gender affirming therapy is based on nonbinary research and will address your unique goals and sense of self. Speech Matters combines different therapeutic skills and techniques honed from over 30 years of practice. In addition, there are specific portions of The Voice and Communication for Transgender Women Program (VC M+F Program)* that are followed. This program was developed by two speech language pathologists, Abbie Olszewski and Selahj Sullivan, and a professor of voice training for actors, Adriano Cabral. Still other evidence-based therapy and research which address both transfeminine and transmasculine voices and written communication, such as texting and IM, are implemented.

Specific Goals and Objectives include:

  • Vocal Hygiene to protect the larynx, also known as the vocal folds, from injury
  • Voice Relaxation to reduce tension in the face, lips, tongue, jaw and throat
  • Breath Support to assist and sustain pitch changes, resonance and intonational patterns
  • Pitch Alterations to align with gender or attain a gender neutral pitch
  • Resonance modification is impacted by a “forward oral” or “chest” focus (perception of female, male, respectively)
  • Breathiness is perceived as more feminine
  • Conversational and Communication Styles including
  • Rate- females speak slower and with more pauses
  • Intonation- female voices tend to rise
  • Sentence structure- females use more adverbs and clauses
  • Semantics- increased use of elaboration, adverbs and adjectives are perceived as feminized
  • Nonverbal Communication includes facial expressions, movements of the hands and fingers, eye contact, gestures, style of walking, coughing and laughing
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Comprehensive Care:

The ultimate goal is that you feel your own voice aligns with your gender identity. As your confidence in your new voice grows, others will readily begin to perceive your voice as aligned with your authentic self.

Get Started:

If you are ready to embark on your journey towards authentic and gender-affirming communication, Speech Matters is here for you. Contact Jackie today to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step toward a voice that truly reflects your identity. Speech Matters believes that everyone deserves a voice that aligns with who they are, and speech matters honored to be a part of your journey.
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