Articulation is the way we produce or pronounce our sounds. There are. many different types of articulation errors with different causes. Some common errors my be substituting one sound for another, such as saying "bid" for ""bit", or omitting sounds, as in saying "be" for "bed". Sounds may be distorted.
An evaluation will include an informal speech sample as well as a formal test which will provide a framework for all sound errors in each position in a word. I will then analyze the results and compare them to developmental norms to determine if the sounds are typical of the child's age. I will also look for error patterns, which are not developmental but due to a disorder. These are called phonological processes and each one can account for multiple errors.
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It is also necessary to determine if there are any structural or muscular weaknesses which need to be addressed first, in order to correct the speech. For example, lisps and difficulty with saying /r/ are usually due to an orofacial myofunctional disorder.
Articulation errors in adults are usually due to a neurological condition which has caused dysarthria or apraxia. Many articulation problems in children often have no known causes. However, sometimes they are caused by trauma, either at birth or later on, severe viruses, or rare syndromes.

Articulation disorders

Articulation disorders are among the most prevalent communication disabilities diagnosed in preschool and school-aged children, affecting 10 percent of this population. Adults may also have difficulty with producing clear speech which, if left untreated, can impact every social or professional situation.

Can difficulty with articulation cause other problems?

Articulation disorders may result in in poor intelligibility, impaired phonemic awareness and may also lead to difficulties in reading and writing. Phonemic awareness is an important prerequisite for reading. It is the connection between the sounds and symbols of a language and requires the ability to manipulate different features. Rhyming, identifying sounds and syllables, being able to substitute, omit and blend parts of words are all components of phonemic awareness. Speech therapy is highly effective in improving overall intelligibility and functional communication.

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