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Find Your Voice With Speech Matters

Speech Pathology and Therapy

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Speech Matters provides state-of-the-art evaluation and speech therapy services for children, teens and adults in a family friendly environment. Voted as a “Favorite Doctor” six times by Chesapeake Family, we bring compassion, hands-on learning and 30 years of expertise as a licensed speech language pathologist to Anne Arundel County, Md.


Our personalized therapy programs are designed to improve the communication skills of each client. We coordinate and work with family members, schools, physicians and/or employers to provide the best treatment.

Speech Disorders

Our personalized articulation and speech therapy programs are designed to improve sound production, motor planning and coordination of speech muscles.

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Language Disorders

Through language intervention and treatment, we enhance listening comprehension, verbal expression, vocabulary size and conversational skills.

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Learning Disabilities

We look at all relevant factors to determine a general principle of treatment, and use a range of special tools and technologies for external support.

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At Speech Matters, we help to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of stuttering to improve fluency and ease in communication.

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We use proven instructional programs, including Fast ForWord®, to improve the language and cognitive skills required for reading fluency and comprehension.

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Accent Modifications

Everyone speaks with an accent, whether it’s regional or foreign. We help to improve the intelligibility of speech for non-native English speakers.

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We’ve created a family-friendly environment surrounded by trees, birds and green space to ensure our clients receive therapy in a comfortable and welcoming manner.

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We partner with wellness and academic centers, schools, government agencies and local organizations to build speech, language and literacy support in the community.



Better information leads to better health. Be informed about your treatment, find family support forums and referral guidelines in our resource center.



New to Speech Matters? Learn more about what to expect, and prepare ahead of time by completing the Patient Registration form prior to your visit.


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We empower people to express themselves and find the voice inside. Let’s get started on your journey.