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Delivering Personalized Care to Every Client

Speech Matters provides evaluation and therapeutic services for a range of speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders for clients of all ages. This includes reviewing medical history and prior test results, conducting standardized assessments and making informal observations and measurements. Our focus is on data-driven results and building relationships with each individual client and their family to provide the highest quality speech care in a trusting and comfortable environment.

We run a private practice with individual therapy sessions which are typically scheduled on a weekly basis. Sessions are 50 minutes, and we devote time at the end of every session reviewing goals, data, progress, and daily homework assignments. Every client receives specialized attention and excellent service at Speech Matters. Not only does communication drastically improve while receiving therapy with us, but rapid changes in self-esteem and confidence are also seen.

Speech Therapy Telepractice

In addition to having an office in Arnold, Md., Speech Matters is also a certified telepractice. This means that we use web technology to engage clients and provide therapy virtually anywhere on a HIPAA compliant platform. Telepractice is a great way to access clients who live in areas where specialized services are not typically available.

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