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Reading disorders occur when a person has trouble with any part of the reading process. This may include matching sounds to letters, sounding out words, reading at a slow pace, poor comprehension or having difficulty reading with the correct expression. Dyslexia and other learning disabilities are brain-based but are not intellectual or developmental disorders.

We use a variety of techniques and programs to improve decoding, fluency, phonological awareness and comprehension. One such program is Fast ForWord® – a customized, highly interactive, computer-based instructional program that also enhances cognitive skills required for language and reading. Tasks are designed to improve memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing.

With 30 years of proven success in more than 200 research studies, the overwhelming success of Fast ForWord® has been documented across the United States and around the world. Research highlights from school districts show:

  • 80 percent of second and third graders who started at a “basic” reading level progressed to “proficient” after completing Fast ForWord®. (Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland)
  • With less than six months of training, the average improvement was more than two years. (Milford City School District in Connecticut)
  • An improvement of one year, two months after 60 days of participation. (Hamden Public Schools in Connecticut)
  • Middle and high school students with emotional or behavioral difficulties gained an average of two years, seven months in language skills after only two months. (Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center in New York)

Fast ForWord® is effective with children and adolescents with various needs including:

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