Accent Modification

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An accent is the unique way a group of people speaking the same language pronounces speech. It is not a speech or language disorder. Everyone speaks with an accent, regardless of if they are from another region of the U.S. or another country. They reflect the characteristics and cultural background of a person, and is a sense of pride for many. No matter where we go, we take our accent with us.

Those who were raised speaking languages other than English may have a difficulties with functional communication in English due to a heavy accent. These difficulties may include communicating within their profession and to healthcare providers, people not understanding you, frustration from having to repeat yourself, and an avoidance of social interactions.

We use the Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Program to improve the intelligibility of speech for non-native speakers of American English. The Compton P-ESL is an intensive 13-week course which, when practiced diligently, results in an average of 50 percent improvement in the ability to speak English.

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